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is rice not the best link between all poc?

the most wonderful common denominator?


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"You don’t have to wait for anyone’s approval to do things. You don’t have to try to get a job and go through set steps before you start a career or start your life. That’s what I want young girls to know - you can do anything you want. Just start."
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NASA: provides troves of data about the moon that couldn't be made up
NASA: provides images of it used by technologies that were just being made at the time
NASA: provided thousands of jobs to citizens in the quest to learn about the moon
NASA: uses the very real data acquired from its moon missions to further understand moon formations and satellites like it
NASA: dealt with grueling tests, trials and tribulations to get people on the moon
some conspiracy site you got linked off a youtube vid about aliens: what if he nasa not went not moon?
person: you have a point, this could have all been staged


Off to School You Go

Nine tips to make going to college in a new city a little bit easier.
Words by Brittany, illustration by Cynthia.